Using the scientific method is a common-sense approach to cybersecurity. While most publications in the field emphasize that scientific principles are necessary, however, few guides seem helpful for cybersecurity. This interesting news came to us from ISACA in their article, “The Science of Cybersecurity and its Future Challenges.”

As cyberthreats evolve and grow at an exponential rate, the theory and practice of cybersecurity needs to adopt a more scientific approach. Cybersecurity must be more structured and systematic, so scientific methods can be applied.

As our lives have become increasingly digitized, those working in data science have become aware of these and other ever-evolving issues surrounding security and privacy. On the national and global stage, it means protecting a country’s citizens against the attacks of adversaries, as well as refining and developing responses to attacks.

This has repeatedly reshaped our understanding of the risks of big data in business and governance and has led to greater advancements in the broader field of information science.

Melody K. Smith

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