Predictive analytics is a powerful tool for forecasting future events and making data-driven decisions, but it also comes with its share of challenges. This interesting topic came to us from CFO Dive in their article, “The data imperative: Conquering predictive and prescriptive analytics.”

Predictive and prescriptive analytics still have room to grow at companies across the nation, but it’s not just the price of technology that’s causing a lull in data maturity progress. The answer lies in building a culture that’s bought in and motivated to transform.   

Successful predictive analytics often requires deep domain knowledge to define relevant features and interpret results accurately. Collaborating with subject matter experts is essential.

Real-world data is dynamic and patterns can change over time. Predictive models may become less accurate as data patterns shift, requiring ongoing monitoring and model retraining.

Keeping data safe and whole is important. And making data accessible is something we know. Whatever the search, it is vital to have a comprehensive search feature and quality indexing against a standards-based taxonomy. Choose the right partner in technology, especially when your content is in their hands. Access Innovations is known as a leader in database production, standards development, and creating and applying taxonomies.

Melody K. Smith

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