The Internet of Things (IoT) is going through mass adoption in various fields. The world is slowly heading for the transformation of the IoT into the Internet of everything. This interesting topic came to us from Semiconductor Engineering in their article, “Data Security Takes Front Seat In Industrial IoT Design.”

As little as 10 years ago, protecting IoT data was largely an afterthought. Engineers designing IoT and industrial IoT (IIoT) networks were more concerned with ensuring their applications functioned according to design specifications, not with the unintended consequences of releasing potentially sensitive information into the cloud.

The Internet has transitioned through various changes from simple applications like web browsing and email to use cases in everyday objects. Smart home devices like smoke alarms, electric appliances, tablets, and speakers are now connected to the Internet. These devices have created new market segments, and businesses that have forayed early into these new segments have reaped significant financial gains. Many businesses are looking at the untapped markets to leverage IoT and be the industry leaders in those segments.

Most organizations have little knowledge regarding how AI systems make decisions, and for them, the results are impossible to understand. Explainable AI allows users to comprehend and trust the results and output created by machine learning algorithms.

Melody K. Smith

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