Many organizations are not prepared for the risks that come with technology. In todays world, cybersecurity is as important as ever. With ever-growing threats to businesses, having a robust security solution is essential. This important information came to us from Digital Insurance in their article, “How to go beyond threat detection to prevent cybersecurity breaches.”

A cyberattack is a deliberate exploitation of your systems and/or network. Cyberattacks use malicious code to compromise your computer, logic, or data and steal, leak, or hold your data hostage. And surprisingly, one of the most common ways criminals get access to your data is through your employees. It is important to train your employees on cyberattack prevention and inform them of current cyberattacks.

While cyberattacks and threats are an ongoing fight, they can be prevented by being aware of the various protocols, exploits, tools, and resources used by malicious actors. In addition, knowing where and how to expect attacks ensure you’re creating preventive measures to protect your systems.

Melody K. Smith

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