Margie Hlava, Chief Science Officer and Chairman of Access Innovations, joined the third episode of Unfettered Access with NISO Executive Director, Todd Carpenter. Unfettered Access is a Conversation Series produced by NISO.

During their conversation, Margie traces the development of metadata and taxonomy standards and applications, including new artificial intelligence (AI) applications, over her career. Todd and Margie also discuss her work leading the revision of the international standard for thesauri and interoperability with other vocabularies (ISO 25964).

Heather Kotula was recently named President and CEO of Access Innovations, Inc., and Margie, who was previously President, now serves as Chief Science Officer with responsibility for product development and other specific projects. Kotula also succeeds Jay Ven Eman, who was previously CEO and will now serve as Chief Administration Officer, working in business development, contracts, and licensing.

You can watch and/or listen to the conversation here.

Melody K. Smith

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