June 24, 2010 – The ability to share and access multimedia content across a distributed network infrastructure can yield tremendous value and utility for organizations of all sizes. The University of Michigan recognized this and embarked on a sophisticated digital asset management (DAM) implementation beginning in 2003. 

StreamingMedia.com shared this case study in their article, “Case Study: A Holistic Approach to DAM”.  The mission consisted of the university’s BlueStream DAM system to function as a centralized utility that could facilitate media-driven research, teaching, learning, and community service across the university’s student and faculty population, streamlining the construction and collection of rich media assets to yield significant productivity and academic gains for users. Many DAM systems treat digital assets as a single digital file, with little ability to recognize and correlate associated versions, derivatives, and metadata. University of Michigan’s BlueStream system, however, was designed to take a more holistic approach to digital asset management. Read the complete case study . It is interesting, educational, and worth the time. 

Melody K. Smith 

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