June 23, 2010 – DigitalSmiths announces the release of version 3 of VideoSense, with an updated user interface (UI) to allow users to drill down through time slices to gain deep access to metadata. 

StreamingMedia.com brought this to our attention in their article, “DigitalSmiths Releases VideoSense 3.0; Metadata Geeks Rejoice”. It seems that indexing with this media-rich system has gotten much easier and more thorough. Digitalsmiths claims it has indexed more 3 million tracks of metadata for its key customers, the major studios, into MetaFrames, Digitalsmith’s name for time-based metadata repositories. Due to the limited ability of search engines to find content within a portion of a video clip, metadata frameworks like MetaFrame are useful in allowing the average user to see the value of deep metadata.  

With Google’s latest release of Caffeine and its real-time and media-rich capabilities, this could prove to be a good match. 

Melody K. Smith 

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