June 23, 2010 – Connectiva Systems announced the information model will span over multiple channels, networks, departments and services, as well as offer common taxonomy and structure for identifying and tracking outliers, anomalies and behavioral patterns in data across multiple domains.

TelecomTiger.com shared this news in their article, “Connectiva Systems comes up with new integrated data model for subscriber revenue optimization”.  According to Avi Basu, President and CEO of Connectiva Systems,

 “… as the sector continues to converge and networks grow complex, maintaining flexibility and scalability is even more critical than in previous years. Our integrated revenue optimization suite has been natively built on a common data model and platform and will help operators meet their business goals through providing a common foundation for understanding customer and revenue data.”

The new data model will support holistic definition of the subscriber record over time and across different entities within the enterprise.

Melody K. Smith

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