June 21, 2010 – The new releases of OntoBroker 6.0 and OntoStudio 3.0 constitute the most complete Semantic Web infrastructure and the only one worldwide supporting all major W3C Semantic Web recommendations, including OWL, RDF, RIF, and ObjectLogic.

PRLog.com alerted us to this product launch in their article, “New releases: OntoBroker 6.0 and OntoStudio 3.0 – expanding its performance leadership”. OntoBroker was already known for quality in ontology engines concerning the evaluation performance and has now been improved compared to the previous OntoBroker version, claiming almost double the performance ability. Like OntoBroker 6.0, the latest OntoStudio release has undergone some improvements, with a completely redesigned graphical rule editor and support for ObjectLogic ontologies.

Melody K. Smith

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