June 21, 2010 – Veracode has unveiled the latest version of its Securetest service, which offers developers cloud-based code verification.

ComputerWeekly.com shared this news in their post, “Latest Veracode cloud-based code verification tool unveiled.”  Veracode takes binary files, analyzes them for vulnerabilities over a 24 hour period, and then sends a report of the vulnerabilities to the developer. The report identifies modules and even the offending line of source code. The company claims results are often 100% lower in false positives than alternative on-premise source code tools. Veracode bases its code analysis on common weakness enumeration, a taxonomy developed by Mitre, a not-for-profit organization which develops IT and systems standards. Veracode also conducts its own research, funded by InQTel, the venture arm of the CIA.

Melody K. Smith

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