June 22, 2010 – The new release offers significant improvements in performance and scalability to meet the growing demands of Intellidimension customers to store and query larger distributed data sets.

Intellidimension Semantics Platform is made up of three products: Semantics.Datacenter, Semantics.Server, and Semantics.Framework. Semantics.Datacenter v 2.0 is an RDF storage solution based on proprietary in-memory database technology. It provides a scale-out strategy for RDF data storage through the distribution of data and processing over an expandable set of worker nodes deployed in a cluster.  A built-in jobs framework provides highly parallelized processing of data on the cluster. The company states Intellidimension Semantics.Datacenter v 2.0 measures five times faster than competitive Semantic Web product offerings in industry standard benchmark tests (Berlin 100M 5/25/10). The features in v 2.0 enhance the experience for customers who need real time query response.

Melody K. Smith

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