June 10, 2010 – Fwix, the local information company, has launched a local information news index, including not only real-time local and hyperlocal news, but crime information, real estate, tweets, sales and more.

Yahoo Finance shared this new technology that allows users and partners to consume local information beyond news in their article, “Fwix Begins Indexing the Local Web”.  Reaching beyond content silos such as real estate, crime, business listings and social activity from Twitter or Foursquare, Fwix streamlines all the data based on your location. 

According to Darian Shirazi, Fwix CEO and founder,

 “Just as Google indexed the Web by keywords and link authority, we’re looking to index the Web by geographic location. We want to build a timeline of information for every latitude and longitude on the planet and allow people to make sense of this information.”

 Melody K. Smith

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