June 10, 2010 – What was the answer to space and storage issues also comes with a price. Document managing by acquiring cloud computing comes with its own set of struggles.

System iNetwork addresses this dilemma in their article, “Document Management in the Cloud”   With the accelerated growth of free-format data, and the growing need to provide immediate online access to search, retrieve, and edit data, IT managers are under ever more pressure to respond. Although data storage is cheaper than ever to buy, it’s not really becoming cheaper to own. Because cloud providers have huge economies of scale, they can deliver virtually unlimited storage capacity at very low prices, including the ability to back up documents to geographically diverse repositories.

Of course, all this is dependent upon the Internet and the validity of your connection. One strategy recommended is to split your data storage across two providers to protect yourself in the case of systemic outages.

Melody K. Smith

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