July 20, 2010 – Regardless of the size of your corporation, the needs and benefit for good metadata are obvious to all. The costs associated with managing that data, however, can be quite the challenge.

ebiz.com addressed this topic in their recent article, “Building a Metadata Repository on a Shoestring Budget”. Highlighting the benefits of good metadata (such as decreasing data redundancy, increasing awareness of corporate assets and standardizing on reusable data objects), the author also pointed that it is also important to ensure that there is sufficient metadata to design and implement systems, as this information is equally vital to the business. Business users are jumping on board, too, and understand the value of metadata. They are using it in a number of ways: to find information, ensure the accuracy of reports, build new lines of business, and so on.

So with all these benefits and uses, how do you make it cost efficient? Check out the article and you’ll see the pros and cons of several approaches to managing metadata. It’s worth the read.

Melody K. Smith

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