July 7, 2010 – — Vamosa Consulting released a set of comprehensive services designed to help implement enterprise content governance (ECoG) best practices.

PRWeb shared this information in their article, “Vamosa Consulting Practice Launches New Client Services to Achieve High Levels of Content Governance and Control”.  Vamosa has packaged a number of ECoG processes into service offerings, including Content Modeling, Taxonomy Management, CMS selection and Migration Services.  To help users understand how ECoG impacts the business and how content can be changed to support the business strategy, Vamosa’s Consulting Practice lists ten areas of focus they feel drives good business results. Included in the ten are content modeling, keyword tagging and interestingly enough, last on the list was taxonomy tagging. Considering that building a strong taxonomy of keywords and phrases tagged with metadata is key to successful search optimization and the quality of content, let’s hope the list wasn’t in order of priority.

Melody K. Smith

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