July 16, 2010 – A new report from Thomson Reuters cites exponential increases in the volume, frequency, and variety of data as a critical risk factor in decision-making. The study indicates that when faced with unsorted, unverified ‘raw’ data, 60 percent of decision makers will look to intuition, which often leads to poor outcomes.

Knowledge Speaks shared this not-so-surprising news in their article, “Intelligent information critical for decision making, says Thomson Reuters study”. It is no surprise to us that when data flows as much as it does in this day and age, it builds continuously. When this happens, professionals inevitably cut corners and rely on their intuition when making critical decisions that can impact financial markets, medical treatments or any number of time sensitive matters. Comprehensive data, indexed and easily accessible, helps to take the guesswork out of any decision-making situation.

Melody K. Smith

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