July 16, 2010 –Editor-in-chief and columnist, Barbara Quint speaks about some of the pitfalls in evaluating discovery services in her column, “Up Front with Barbara Quint” in the June/July 2010 issue of Information Today.

The article is not available online, but for those of you that are subscribers to Information Today, please read the article yourself (The Undiscovered Discovery, Information Today,  pgs 7-8). As the table of contents lists, the focus of the article was “Barbara Quint details some pitfalls in evaluating discovery services.”

A discovery service is a search interface to pre-indexed metadata and/or full text documents.  Given the pressure to deliver search results in “Google time,” publishers have an incentive to cooperate with one another and with discovery service providers.

In her article, Quint states, “I still think these services are a good idea, probably an essential one. Someone has to find a way to make library-licensed material more amenable to a Google world.” 

Melody K. Smith

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