July 16, 2010 – GeneGo announced the availability of ToxHunter, tools and content developed through its industry-FDA MetaTox™ partnership program, a collaborative program developing a unique comprehensive systems toxicology suite designed for compound safety assessment in chemical and pharmaceutical R&D.

PRNewswire shared this news in their post, “GeneGo’s ToxHunter™ Suite of Tools and Content for Systems Toxicology Research Is Now Available”. The highlight of ToxHunter’s power includes a unique, detailed ontology of compound-induced pathological observations covering 8 target organs in the initial release. This powerhouse ontology is populated with a comprehensive, manually-curated knowledge base of toxicant associations to pathology terms along with gene, protein, and metabolite biomarkers of chemical toxicity. Content is searchable by pathology, by toxicant, or by gene, protein, and metabolite biomarkers. This is a great use of a solid ontology to produce comprehensive search results.

Melody K. Smith

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