August 27, 2010 – In PR Newsire’s article “XBRL US Labs Launches Brix Project, Releases Brix iPhone App,” we learn that the research and development side of XBRL US Labs has introduced the latest taxonomy services for business reporting.

The XBRL iPhone App was made available August 19th on the iTunes App Store. Corporate financial statements will be available moments after they are filed via the new technology. Generating interest in the Brix Project, “crowd source” techniques are the leveraging drive behind it. Starting in 2007, collaboration was used by XBRL to build the taxonomy, or digital dictionary, for the United States.

This new app was the product of Research Fellow Evrhet Milam.

“The team was focused on building something that would explain XBRL in a straightforward, visual, and simple way to an expanding audience,” said Milam. “It will be a powerful research tool and work bench to test ideas about everything from data models to visualization.”

Glenn Black

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