August 19, 2010 – IBM’s recent acquisition of document capture vendor DataCap will add new technology that enables users to extract data from structured and unstructured formats, including information from tax returns, invoices and other forms, as well as email and PowerPoint presentations.

CMSWire shared the news of this purchase in their article, “IBM Buys Advanced Document Capture with Datacap.” Despite the fact that some of the software’s capabilities overlap their current product FileNet, IBM states it intends to make DataCap the foundation of their document capture strategy. DataCap’s Taskmaster capture platform provides for the scanning and indexing of document images directly into content management software.

With content management system vendors providing taxonomy functionality, users have become tempted to consolidate and eliminate a very worthy part of their document management process. When building a taxonomy or ontology, you want that model to be available across the enterprise and not tied to one single program.

Melody K. Smith

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