August 31, 2010 – A new book is coming that answers questions like – How do we organize objects so that they make sense and are useful? What role do categories, classifications, taxonomies, and other structures play in the process of organizing? What do information professionals need to know about organizing behaviors in order to design useful structures for organizing knowledge? 

Structures for Organizing Knowledge: Exploring Taxonomies, Ontologies, and Other Schema, published by Neal-Schuman, answers these key questions and provides both theoretical background and practical guidance on ways to arrange and classify information.

June Abbas, an expert in the field of information science and technology, is the author of this essential guide for understanding and arranging concepts in manageable ways. It will appeal to any LIS professional, student, or researcher who wants to design a useful structure for organizing knowledge.

The publisher has extended a 10% discount for TaxoDiary readers. Simply enter the code TAXO10 when checking out.

Melody K. Smith

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