August 5, 2010 – Though Alaska may be the largest state in the United States; its population is spread out to remote locations with their own technical challenges, like the Bering Sea. Niche proved they could work within the constraints of those challenges and now manages the state law enforcement information.

Red Orbit shared this news in their article, “Alaska Selects Niche to Manage Critical Law Enforcement Information”. The previous Alaska Department of Public Safety reporting system was paper-based, with an indexing system that is part of a larger mainframe application called the Alaska Public Safety Information Network (APSIN) that also serves as the statewide criminal justice information system. The Niche Record Management System will replace the current indexing system part of APSIN and more importantly, will replace the current paper incident reporting system. Seven of the 25 largest police forces in the English-speaking world use the Niche Record Management System.

Melody K. Smith

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