September 6, 2010 – Coveo makes available the Coveo Usage Analytics module, which tracks and analyzes all user activity performed across its search-powered enterprise information access solutions.

RedOrbit brought this news to our attention in their post, “New Coveo Usage Analytics Module Reveals Critical Metrics Across Enterprise Information Access Solutions.”  The Coveo Usage Analytics Module is designed to help organizations continuously optimize their information access platform based on user behavior, and in turn, increase user adoption.

Reportedly, they use a dynamic interface that provides administrators with intuitive ways to analyze the data, including timeframe control to focus on a desired period. Coveo Usage Analytics gives ability to focus on executed queries, keywords used, and documents accessed.

We know that access to information is important, and that taxonomies and other indexing activities can be complicated. That is why Access Innovations seeks to help enable these types of findability experiences.

Melody K. Smith

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