September 3, 2010 –Nikolaos Konstantinou at Athens Information Technology worked with a team from the National Technical University of Athens to determine what path Web 3.0 is likely to take. With the help of science software, searching for information online could become easier with Web 3.0.

LabMate Online’s article, “Science software may set future of search,” reports that according to the researchers, the initial incarnation of the Internet saw it used to provide discrete items of information, while Web 2.0 introduced a more interlinked approach through social networking platforms.

For science software, Web 3.0 could be the start of automatically detecting what information a user requires and searching for it faster than a human could ever hope to do. The concept is an extension of the use of metadata to provide non-display information about rich media and non-text files including sounds, images and videos. Google is among the companies spearheading such a trend.

It is always exciting to watch science and technology evolve. Don’t you think?

Melody K. Smith

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