September 15, 2010 – Front Porch Digital and Digitalsmiths have combined VideoSense and MetaFrame metadata management and distribution into DIVApublish, the latest creation in the DIVASolutions family.

BusinessWire shared this news in their article, “Front Porch Digital Taps Digitalsmiths for Automated Metadata Management Solution.” Initially available as a beta release, the general release will follow in early 2011. Easier content location and retrieval is the main goal of the combined module. DIVApublish claims that users will be able to search and view metadata and associated content more efficiently and thus reduce time costs.

DIVApublish will also leverage the Digitalsmiths metadata management system for cloud based automated frame-based metadata creation, with capabilities for going extremely deep into their content. Facial recognition, scene detection, speech recognition, natural language processing, ad-break detection and closed-caption time alignment will be available.

Being able to locate and access content quickly, retrieve that information, and then get it quickly to the web in an easier format is always a good thing. But will these claims actually deliver all new streams of revenue? You be the judge.

Glenn Black

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