September 29, 2010 – LOD2 (Linked Open Data) is an EU co-funded project involving leading Linked Open Data technology researchers, companies, and service providers from seven European countries. This four-year collaborative research and development project is tasked with developing additional technology infrastructure and services that address new frontier challenges across government and industry.

This interesting piece was found on Online PR News (“New Technology Consortium Set To Change The Web As We Know It!”).  The expected project deliverables include enterprise-ready tools and methodologies generating and publishing linked data on a massive scale to the burgeoning web of linked data and adaptive tools for searching, browsing, and authoring of linked data.

This is a huge project, but really the beginning of a process that seeks to alleviate the potential for data and information overload. LOD2 is oriented towards development of infrastructure technology and best practices that fill the chasm between structured linked data and applied model logic and reasoning. They just may be redefining the Web as we know it.

Melody K. Smith

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