September 29, 2010 – Papros Inc. has made supply chain communications easier to access, record and archive for suppliers and customers alike by leveraging the power of social media and resulting in better educational outreach and eliminating multiple requests/responses from customers.

This was found on PRWeb in their article titled, “Papros Inc. Offers Lite Version of MRPRO for Supply Chain Product and Service Educational Outreach, Safety Data Sheets and Other Communications and Notifications.”  Users will be able to track supply chain product communications, footprints and other notifications, in addition to regulatory notices from regulatory bodies and compliance guidelines from trade bodies, by using the upgraded highly secure OAUTH authentication on Twitter with a high level of security for their data. With each supplier declaring its needs once on the cloud, broadcasts and capture of other communications are similarly done efficiently. By seamlessly exchanging data on the web or the desktop, the entire web is the database for MRPRO and the spreadsheet is the interface.

Interesting use of cloud services and we’re always interested in improving communication.

Melody K. Smith

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