September 24, 2010 – A 10-year project, Charting Change: An Interactive Atlas of Burnaby’s Heritage, tied with a Smithsonian Institute project last month for ArchivesNext’s award for best repurposing of digitized data. The online project allows visitors to Heritage Burnaby’s website to click on and learn about historic locations on each of the maps.

This interesting and encouraging information was found in the article,”What the future holds for the city’s past.” Technology is also being used to preserve documents. By digitally scanning photos to preserve them, it also provides access to the public by uploading the photos online.

More and more cities are seeing the value in archiving community records, preserving them and indexing them for easy access. Retrieving archived documents effectively and timely is totally dependent upon a strong taxonomy. Choose the right product and right professionals to provide taxonomy services and help you manage your content.

Melody K. Smith

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