October 15, 2010 – Accenture is deploying its digital diagnostics engine, which scans websites to identify performance problems and structural deficiencies, into the Windows Azure platform. This news was announced at the third annual Microsoft 2010 Asia High Tech Summit in Tokyo.

This news was found on MarketWatch in their article, “Accenture Announces Deployment of Digital Diagnostics Solution to Cloud at Microsoft 2010 Asia High Tech Summit.” Supposedly, placing the Accenture Digital Diagnostics Engine (ADDE) on the Windows Azure platform will increase the speed and efficiency of websites by reducing problems that limit performance.

Many organizations’ websites continue to be plagued by poor site indexing and searchability attributes, lack of analytic tag integrity, redundant content, pages that are slow to download and poor link integrity, along with risky accessibility and data security violations.

“The launch of the Accenture Interactive Digital Diagnostics solution on the Windows Azure platform enables customers to accelerate the time required to realize a return on their IT investment,” said Sanjay Ravi, worldwide managing director, Discrete Industry, Microsoft Corp.

Melody K. Smith

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