October 5, 2010 – REViSITE (Roadmap Enabling Vision and Strategy for ICT-enabled Energy Efficiency) is a new project that will tie together four industrial disciplines (manufacturing, construction, lighting, and grids) in a cross-sectored research community in Europe. Each sector is represented by various initiatives, including the European technology platforms, or ETPs. Included in this group are Artemis, ECTP, Manufacture, Photonics21, and Smartgrids. All of this is brought under the umbrella of ICT for Energy Efficiency, or ICT4EE.

The ultimate goal is to create a self-sustainable ICT4EE community and a common research and technical development roadmap across the four fields. All of this interesting information was found here and there are those who are hopeful that this project will achieve the European 20-20-20 strategy. An open invitation is on the table for members of the initial community core group that will refine the integrated ICT4EE taxonomy already developed. This ICT4EE taxonomy represents the kind of forward thinking that will be required to keep the world spinning as we know it.

Glenn Black

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