November 23, 2010 – IBM is leading a joint research initiative of 15 European partners to develop a smart cloud storage architecture, which will improve the global delivery of rich data and storage services across boundaries of countries and vendors. Tackling the major challenges facing today’s storage clouds, the consortium partners include standards bodies, media companies, telecommunications companies, healthcare companies, academic institutions and more.

PRNewswire brought this news to our attention in their article, “IBM and European Partners to Pioneer New Storage Cloud Architecture.” This EU-funded initiative is called VISION Cloud – Virtualized Storage Services for the Future Internet. The new approach includes where data is represented by smart objects that include rich information describing the content of the data and how the object should be handled, replicated, or preserved. The new architecture will use the knowledge of the content being stored to improve data mobility and enable more efficient and secure methods of computation.

During the past three years, IBM has been setting the stage for this initiative by actively developing technologies related to cloud computing across its server, software, services and R&D units. The VISION Cloud represents a new initiative to further advance cloud computing technology, making it easier and less costly to develop new data intensive services that provide security and guarantees for quality of service.

Melody K. Smith

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