November 23, 2010 – is not just another search engine that displays results from other sites, such as Google´s or Bing´s. Instead, it concentrates its efforts in ranking those results in a different, user friendlyway.

We learned about this new search engine from ComputerWorld in their article, “Duckduckgo: a user friendly search engine.” As a result, queries bring up first a variety of clusters with different meanings and by selecting which result your query is related to, users are taken to the specific page about the theme they´re searching for.

In an interview with Gabriel Weinberg, the authors learned a little bit more about this search engine with a rather strange name. Read the full article for more information. And for the record, you do not have to type in all ten letters, Duckduckgo is accessible using only on your browser’s URL bar.

Melody K. Smith

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