November 9, 2010 – Louisiana State University’s AgCenter has been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to support developing a database and image library at the Louisiana State Arthropod Museum and consolidating data from five additional arthropod collections.

This interesting piece of news was found on Media Newswire in their article, “Louisiana State Arthropod Museum receives NSF grant.” The project will be conducted by Victoria Bayless, curator, and Chris Carlton, director of the arthropod museum in LSU’s Department of Entomology.

The grant will spread over three years and total $424,000 to produce an online database of entomological diversity that will serve as a taxonomic identification tool useful throughout the South. “Having the data on the Internet enables the global community to benefit from the wealth of information contained within the arthropod museum,” Bayless said.

This will move data from obscurity to universal accessibility through the interactive, web-based inventory. It is exciting to see value placed on information access.

Melody K. Smith

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