November 24, 2010 – Nexidia has integrated Nexidia Capture and Nexidia Scan into Cisco’s new media capture platform. The platform is an open-standards, network-based solution that provides recording, playback, live streaming, and storage of media, including audio and video, with rich metadata to facilitate easy use. This integration allows Cisco customers the ability to create real-time speech alerting applications and the power to perform speech analytics with archived audio.

We found this news on Benzinga in their article, ‘Nexidia Integrates Real-Time Speech Analytics Capabilites with Cisco’s New Media Capture Platform.” Nexidia Scan utilizes the company’s patented phonetic indexing and search technology to provide highly accurate and scalable real-time monitoring applications.

“There is no longer a need for expensive and restrictive legacy call recording systems in order to perform speech analytics”, said John Willcutts, president and chief executive officer of Nexidia Inc. “By applying speech analytics directly into the Cisco network environment, companies can quickly start to realize the operational benefits from this new and powerful source of business intelligence.”

Melody K. Smith

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