December 31, 2010 – ABBYY is following the trend toward social networking, business processes, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with it’s own FlexiCapture 9.0 single platform transactional data-extraction technology. Data-capture services will be prevalent in the future, however to what capacity remains to be seen.

We found this information on Dr. Dobbs in their article, “ABBYY: Data Capture Moves To On-Demand Delivery.” Camera phones are transforming into tools to digitize the analogue world and convert raw data into useful information. This will only continue to grow, offering data capture vendors the opportunity to expand this service delivery channel by selling new applications and services into mobile market space.

FlexiCapture 9.0 is a tool for extraction of data from documents via a flexible and expandable architecture. It offers a range of functions for document classification, indexing, data capture and document conversion. It is important to choose the right partner in technology. Access Innovations is known as a leader in database production, standards development, and creating and applying taxonomies.

Melody K. Smith

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