December 30, 2010 – New Zealand’s government will be focusing on social media and on the government’s role for identity management and network security in the coming year.

We found this news on FutureGov Asia in their article, “NZ CIO plans closer Govt-to-citizen ties.” The Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, has made e-government a priority for service delivery and wants (chief information officer) CIOs to respond the same.

Communication professionals have beencommissioned to develop options about how the government might effectively use and more importantly, understand social media. A former NZ CIO, Brendan Boyle, stressed that authenticity in their communications would be important. Ghostwriters would be obvious to a discerning public.

This all follows New Zealand’s great strides in information management, particularly around metadata and interoperability. The National Library has taken social media further than any other New Zealand government organization with Digital New Zealand and the Aotearoa People’s Network providing free Internet access in libraries around New Zealand.

Melody K. Smith

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