December 21, 2010 – More than 100 years of Gaylord Herald Times archives and history became available online courtesy of the Otsego County Library and the local newspaper. This northern Michigan event was celebrated by both the local library and newspaper.

This information was found on in their article, “Library unveils 100 years of Herald Times archives.” The collaboration between the library and the Herald Times was made possible by a $14,000 library grant and results in hundreds of editions of the Herald Times dating back to 1903, either through print or microfilm issues, being digitized and available for free in an online format. A simple search on the Web site will quickly uncover persons, places and events previously unavailable other than by sifting through thousands of printed pages or microfilm issues of the Herald Times.

Efforts like this emphasize the importance communities put on archives and making content findable. An effort we can all get behind.

Melody K. Smith

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