January 28, 2011 – Appolicious is debuting a new categories feature that adds custom taxonomy for both iOS and Android. For the social media app director, there are now 1,400 individual categories for iOS apps on Appolicious and about 700 for Android apps listed on the app directory. That is one big…fruit?

TechCrunch brought this news to our attention in their article, “Appolicious Hyper-Categorizes Directory With 1,400 Categories For iOS Apps.

App discovery is still growing, with most people unaware of what apps are in the iOS and Android ecosystems. Millions of mobile searches are done on Appolicious each month and most searches on the site are category-based searches. This makes the taxonomy development very useful. The start-up formed a partnership with Yahoo, acquired AppVee, and added a plethora of new features in 2010. Wonder what 2011 will hold?

Melody K. Smith

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