January 28, 2011 – Moving away from the static web pages that made up the Web for so many years, the dynamic content we know now is Web 2. This includes social networking, blogs, and other interactive applications.

Promotion World brought this to our attention in their post, ‘Web 1 Vs Web 2: Most Popular Web Designing Techniques.” Broken down into three areas, Web 2 is described as Rich Internet Application (RIA), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), or Social Web.

Web 2 offers functions and features that make it adaptable to current technology and how the Web is used for personal and professional tasks. You can make use of semantic tagging technology that can raise the navigation of internal and external web pages. Users are utilized for establishing a positive image and creating positive publicity among the masses. Web 2 can improve the quality of social interaction for anyone around the globe.

If there were to be a smackdown between Web 1 and Web 2, it isn’t hard to see who would win. Some traditionalists can’t see the benefits in using social media. However, that isn’t stopping the social media movement, or even slowing it down.

Melody K. Smith

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