January 25, 2011 – Space-Time Research announced today a partnership to bring Tourism Australia data to Australian classrooms to give students experience with data analytics. Education Services Australia implemented this project to provide online, real-time exploration and analytics of the large Tourism Australia database to support the National Curriculum. A cloud-based version of the SuperVIEW analysis and visualization product, which is being made available to primary and secondary school classrooms across Australia, was provided by Space-Time Research.

This news was found on PRLog in their post “Australian schools use Government data to teach data analysis skills.” Discovery-based learning allows students to explore large sets of data, to ask their own questions, and make their own judgments based on this data.

By making surveys available to the schools via this program, they are able to help school children learn about data analysis. By housing them in the clouds, the large user numbers can be accommodated with no performance impact due to usage peaks. This is a good use of technology all around.

Melody K. Smith

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