January 31, 2011 – Endeca Technologies has launched the US Census Bureau’s new American FactFinder application built on Endeca Latitude. American FactFinder makes more than 250 billion decennial census facts available and navigable to the average American, civil servants and skilled statisticians alike.

We found this interesting news on BusinessWire in their article, “US Census Bureau Launches New American FactFinder on Endeca.” American FactFinder is an e-government website that gives Americans access to the Census data. The 2010 Decennial Census alone gathered 10 answers from 300 million people, resulting in more than three billion fine-grained raw facts. The continuing challenge of this sophisticated information product is information access. Not for expert researchers, but regular citizens and government employees, who have often struggled to answer the demographic questions to support their programs and research.

The new American FactFinder, built on Endeca Latitude, simplifies access to census information by guiding users to the data without requiring them to become experts. Endeca’s Guided Navigation and Text Search functionality allow users to search with multiple selections from a controlled taxonomy and text searches.

To begin using the American FactFinder application, visit: http://factfinder.census.gov/.

Melody K. Smith

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