February 9, 2011 – Precise, Inc, provider of eDiscovery solutions and trial support services, has announced the launch of the eDiscovery Box. Precise has collaborated with Digital Reef to change how eDiscovery services are accessed by the legal community, eDiscovery Box clients have flexibility to select the exact services they need in order to address specific project requirements.

We found this bit of news on PRWeb in their article, “Precise, Inc. Announces the Next Evolution in eDiscovery with the Unveiling of the eDiscovery Box.” Compared to traditional services conducted off-site, eDiscovery Box services are typically completed in about half the time. This is made possible by the safe collection, indexing, and processing of data — domestically or abroad. This streamlining is possible even with complicated “cross-border” challenges often found in the wake of large or multinational discovery requests.

Melody K. Smith

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