February 25, 2011 – Safeguard Scientifics has financed ThingWorx, a platform designed to accelerate the development of applications connecting people, systems and devices.

TradingMarkets.com brought this news to our attention in their article, “Safeguard Scientifics Deploys $5 Million in Series B Financing for ThingWorx.

“An Internet primarily composed of people is giving way to an ‘Internet of Things’ where every device and every system is connected,” said Russell Fadel, CEO and co-founder of ThingWorx. “Because of this, applications will have to change from a hierarchical, pull-driven model dominated by people to an event-driven, peer-to-peer approach with more flexible collection and storage schemas than anything enterprise software offers today.”

ThingWorx’s platform plans to take advantage of the trend toward interconnectivity and capitalize on its ability to interconnect devices and sensors with computing intelligence, enabling decision makers to make informed decisions based on that metadata.

Melody K. Smith

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