March 10, 2011 – Semantics has almost become a household word, at least in the technology world. Its role in the development of knowledge management tools and semantic search continues to grow.

TechnologyQW brought this topic to our attention in their article, “How Semantic Search Is Redefining Traditional & Social Media.” Evan Sandhaus, lead architect of semantic platforms at The New York Times Company, and Jeff Catlin, CEO of text analytics company Lexalytics, were interviewed to better understand how semantic search is affecting news and social media.

“All websites are in the business of capturing people’s attention,” said Sandhaus, recalling a recent presentation he had attended. “This is especially true for news organizations and blogs, which push out piles upon piles of online articles each day. In the end, the news isn’t exactly useful if no one reads it. So, the goal is to make content as findable as possible.”

Findability is something we know a little about, and this article is worth a complete look. Check it out.

Melody K. Smith

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