March 10, 2011 – Companies often market their business intelligence and data warehousing products as agile solutions, meaning that they are easy to work with and adaptable to business changes. In the project management genre, the word Agile frequently refers to the software development methodology.

We found this interesting topic on Smart Data collective in their article, “Delivering Data Warehousing and BI Projects using Agile.” So does using Agile produce better results than other methodologies when building a business intelligence and data warehousing application? It is a complex process regardless of the methodology you choose, but the author believes Agile doesn’t increase the success percentage of the project. However, he still thinks project management should done using Agile due to the speed and budget check and balance system it offers.

Seems contradictory to me. What do you think? Any experience with Agile methodology?

Melody K. Smith

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