March 10, 2011 – Data is not a singular thing or process. Technology continues to evolve and branch out with highly scalable web search engines, increasingly capable natural language processing technologies, and artificial intelligence. Watson. Need we say more?

Dr. John D. Halamka, chief information officer and dean for technology at Harvard Medical School, is a keynote speaker at this year’s Intersystems Global Summit on the topic of “Freeing the Data”. He is sharing what he considers to be the top ten trends to watch as we increasingly free data from transactional systems. We found this in MedCityNews, “Emerging Health IT trends to watch.” We’ll share just a few, but you should check out the entire article.

1. Both structured and unstructured data will be important in healthcare. Finding ways to leverage the unstructured data will help business to make the most of their information.

2. Inference is possible by parsing natural language. Natural language processing tools will continue to evolve in assigning probabilities and inferring meaning.

3. Data mining needs to go beyond single databases owned by a single organization. Enterprise search has never been more important. Findability is key.

Melody K. Smith

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