April 20, 2011 – Power of the Dream Ventures has announced they are going forward on a roadmap for iGlue to take the company public in the United States.

MarketWire brought this news to our attention in their article, “Power of the Dream Ventures Announces Going Public Roadmap for iGlue.”

iGlue represents a significant shift in internet technology. Through the interactive use of iGlue’s machine and hand annotation feature, every single word on a webpage becomes a live, media rich Wikipedia-like junction point, providing users access to immediate, value added information. They are known for the slogan, ‘Let’s Wikify the Web.’

Their expanded semantic database contains over 83 million data points, including over 7 million entities, with over 38 million semantic connections between them, including over three million geographical locations, more than one million names, and more than two hundred thousand institutional name entries.

Melody K. Smith