April 11, 2011 – Wendy Hall, previous president for the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and a professor of computer science at the University of Southampton in England, ponders on the past and looks forward to the future.

We found this commentary on SD Times in their article, “ACM president Wendy Hall looks back at tenure and ahead to Semantic Web.” Her current research focuses on the Semantic Web. Along with Tim Berners-Lee, she is one of the founding directors of the Web Science Research Initiative, a collaboration between Southampton and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Hall joined the computer world when women were not common in the computer science field. In fact, it was a time when the Internet’s predecessors were not even considered within the realm of computer science.

This is an interesting article that helps us realize how far the industry has come, as well as how far women have come in it.

Melody K. Smith