April 5, 2011 – An extensive computer based glossary of healthcare terms gathered from multiple locations. Can you say ontology? This jackpot of information could only serve to improve the communication regarding and ultimately, care of the patient.

This interesting topic was found on Science Daily in their article, “Towards Electronic Healthcare Centred on the Patient.” For successful results, the patient must be able to obtain and understand available health information and make informed decisions about treatment in conjunction with healthcare workers. Though progress has been made on e-records, each system is stand-alone and doesn’t “play well” with others.

The Finnish team of computer scientist Juha Puustjärvi of Aalto University in Finland and pharmacist Leena Puustjärvi of The Pharmacy of Kaivopuisto in Helsinki has now developed a Personal Health Server that would allow e-health tools to work together by sharing an ontology.

Melody K. Smith