The API has become been the primary method of  integration within IT circles. When SOA was at its peak, the focus was properly on the abstraction of business functions at the API level, to provide for reuse and consistency of process across applications. However, with the focus of cloud APIs and infrastructure APIs on interoperability, it is difficult to get agreement among vendors on which functions make up a common base.

Sys-Con Media brought this topic to our attention in their article, “API Jabberwocky: You Say Tomay-to and I Say Potah-to.” Could standardization be the answer? APIs are important, but having a functional standardized cloud service management may not be on everyone’s “top 10” list. The differences in features that could be invoked via an API make true seamless interoperability a nearly unattainable goal. Perhaps standards would be useless.

Any thoughts on this topic?

Melody K. Smith